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Federal Reserve: Special Resources

Federal Reserve: Administrative Decisions

CASSIDI (Competitive Analysis & Structure Instrument for Depository Institutions)

CASSIDI (Competitive Analysis & Structure Instrument for Depository Institutions) "strives to be the one-stop shop for your banking competition information needs. CASSIDI contains information for the entire country and is updated regularly."

  • Find an Institution - "View information such as subsidiaries & branches, history, and operating markets."
  • Find a Banking Market - "View a market definition, structure & concentration, history, and even a map."
  • Perform a "What If" (Pro Forma) HHI Analysis - "See how a potential transaction (e.g. merger or acquisition) would change a banking market's concentration."

Federal Reserve: Foreign Exchange Rates

Foreign Exchange Rates includes historical data from 10/05/1993 to 12/31/2008.

Federal Reserve: Liber8

Liber8 - an economic information portal for librarians & students - "Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis librarians designed this site with university and government document librarians, students, and the general public in mind. Economic information can, at times, be difficult for the non-economist to find and understand. We hope this site will provide a single point of access to the economic information that the Federal Reserve System, other government agencies, and data providers have to offer. We specifically selected non-technical sources that would be simpler to use and easier to understand."

Federal Reserve: National Information Center

National Information Center - "a central repository of data about banks and other institutions for which the Federal Reserve has a supervisory, regulatory, or research interest, including both domestic and foreign banking organizations operating in the United States. This web site provides access to NIC data, allowing the public to search for detailed information about banking organizations."

Federal Reserve: U.S. Credit Conditions

U.S. Credit Conditions -- "The Federal Reserve considers the record rate of mortgage delinquencies, foreclosures and their impacts on communities an urgent problem. The New York Fed uses its expertise and knowledge to provide detailed data on U.S. credit conditions to the public to establish a body of factual data for use in forming policy decisions and developing mortgage foreclosure mitigation efforts."

  • Auto Loans
  • Bank Cards
  • Mortgages (e.g., Subprime mortgages - % 90+ days delinquent)
  • Student Loans

Federal Reserve: The Financial Crisis & Global Recession, 2007+

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis provides several useful websites:

The Financial Crisis: A Timeline of Events & Policy Actions "was created to provide the public with useful information about major financial events and policy actions, both over the past months and going forward."

Reforming the Nation's Financial System: A Timeline "designed to help the public keep track of major financial regulatory developments. The site tracks Congressional and regulatory agency hearings and testimonies as well as key House and Senate committee member statements."

Tracking the Global Economy - "To provide accurate and useful information on the current economic environment and the behavior of economic data around business cycle turning points"

See also the U.S. Treasury Department's website -