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Business & Economics -- Government Resources: International Trade Administration

International Trade Administration Publications

U.S. Industrial Outlook analyzes selected U.S. manufacturing and service industries, and identifies emerging domestic and international markets for U.S. products and services.

  • U.S. Documents C 61.34: (1960-1994)
  • ASI Microfiche 2044-1 (1973-1980); 2014-4 (1981-1984); 2044-28 (1985-1994)

See also:

U.S. Global Trade Outlook, 1995-2000: Toward the 21st Century succeeded the U.S. Industrial Outlook, and was succeeded by U.S. Industry & Trade Outlook.

  • U.S. Documents C 61.34/2: (1995)

U.S. Industry & Trade Outlook - Although the ITA announced a project to migrate this publication to the Web, no progress has been reported since January 25, 2005.

  • U.S. Documents C 61.48: (1998-2000)

Manufacturing & Services (MAS) - "industry analysts covering virtually all industry sectors of the economy"

  • Manufacturing
    • Aerospace
    • Automotive
    • Building Products & Construction
    • Chemicals
    • Consumer Goods
    • Electronic Commerce
    • Energy
    • Environmental Technologies
    • Forest Products
    • Health
    • Information & Telecommunications Technologies
    • Manufacturing
    • Machinery
    • Metals
    • Textiles & Apparel
  • Services
    • Service Industries
    • Financial Services Industries
    • Travel & Tourism
  • Industry Analysis
    • Industry & Trade Data Resources
    • Industry Trade Policy
    • Industry Analysts Directory

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