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Core Filmographies

Filmographies — bibliographies — are simply lists of films, often on a specific topic or by a specific director, that also usually have basic information such as characters and players, technical credits, and brief plot synopses.
American Film Institute Catalog of Motion Pictures
Online version (1893-2014)
Main Library Reference PN 1998 .A57 (1893-1993)
A monumental, multivolume reference set (and online database) that provides comprehensive information on every feature, short, and newsreel produced by the American film community since 1893 — in other words, a catalog of over 45,000 films to date. Includes approximately one million personal name entries. Each film title entry includes a plot summary.
British Film Catalogue, 1895-1985: A Reference Guide
Main Library Reference PN 1998 .G543 1986
A comprehensive chronological listing of the British "entertainment film," but excludes newsreels, documentaries, and made-for-television films. Brief plot summaries.
Filming Florida: Images of the Sunshine State, 3d ed.
Main Library Florida Documents SS.D2:F45
A list of films produced between 1917 and the 1980s that have been donated to the Florida State Archives. Most were produced by the Florida Development Commission, but also contains features by WFSU-TV, the state highway patrol, the Florida Department of Natural Resources, and a number of individuals and corporations. The print edition, published in 1998, has a detailed index (topic/subject, individual, location) that is not available in the online version.
Florida on Film: The Essential Guide to Sunshine State Cinema & Locations
Main Library General Collection PN 1993.5 .U73 D65 2007
Lists "...more than 80 films shot in Florida by theme, covering each movie with a plot synopsis, cast and credits list, and a discussion of the filmʼs importance" (publisher's description).
Guide to American Screenwriters: The Sound Era, 1929-1982
Main Library Reference PN 1998 .L24
Volume 1 is an alphabetical list of around 5,000 screenwriters, with names of films in chronological order and co-authors noted. Volume 2 lists films by title and writers' names for each.
Halliwell's Film Guide
Main Library Reference PN 1993.45 .H27
The latest edition provides brief credit information and pithy critical notes on 18,000 English-language and selected foreign-language feature films. Short excerpts from critics or from reviews accompany many entries.
Touted as the largest international movie database on the Internet, containing thousands of films and film credits.
International Film Index, 1895-1990
Main Library Reference PN 1998 .I52 1991
Seeks to provide "a comprehensive index to films by title and director on a worldwide basis" (preface). Volume 1 lists approximately 175,000 films of both the silent and sound eras and includes full-length, short, documentary, animated, serial, and made-for-television features. Volume 2 lists films by 25,000 directors.
Leonard Maltin's Movie and Video Guide
Main Library Reference PN 1992.8 .F5 L36
Currently includes approximately 19,000 entries, with short notes on plot and narrative assessments.
Motion Picture Guide and Annual
Main Library Reference PN 1993 .M4334
The first ten volumes of this set offer data on over 40,000 films released in the United States through 1984, along with plot summary and evaluations for most. Volumes 11-12 have variant title, series, and name indexes. Kept up-to-date after 1984 by the Annual, with extensive indexing in the back of each volume.
Sunshine in the Dark: Florida in the Movies
Main Library General Collection PN 1993.5 .U73 F47 2006
Identifies more than 300 films about Florida — many of them shot on location in the state — to analyze how filmmakers from the Marx Brothers and John Huston to Oliver Stone and Francis Ford Coppola have portrayed the state and its people.
The TCM movie database, available on the cable channel's Internet site, provides full credits and detailed synopses for many mainstream, "classic" films.
A searchable database containing over 280,000 movie listings with brief synopses.