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Film Review Sources

Film reviews are available in newspapers, magazines, and, of course, on Internet sites.
Film and Television Literature Index
Main Library Index PN 1993 .F54 (1973-1982; 1987-2004)
Lists articles from over 300 film journals and specialized publications. Includes some selective indexing of English-language scholarly journals and general-interest magazines. To locate reviews in the online version, in the Document Type box, select "Entertainment Review."
Magill's Cinema Annual
Main Library Reference PN 1993.3 .M34
Each volume has signed essay-reviews of about 100 films of the previous year, with pproduction credits, principal characters and players, length, review citations, etc. Another 200-300 productions are listed with basic credits and brief comments.
Magill's Survey of Cinema: English Language Films, First Series
Magill's Review of Cinema: English Language Films, Second Series
Main Library Reference PN 1993.45 .M32
Both series cover 1,266 American, British, Canadian, Australian, and other English-language films of the sound era, 1927-1981. Includes plot summary and critical evaluation. Cumulative indexes for both series are located in the back of the last volume of the second series.
Magill's Survey of Cinema: Foreign Language Films
Main Library Reference PN 1993.45 .M34
Evaluates 700 outstanding films from around the world produced in languages other than English. Multiple indexes in the final volume of the set, including country and subject indexes.
Magill's Survey of Cinema: Silent Films
Main Library Reference PN 1995.75 .M33
Profiles 308 films produced during the silent era, 1902-1936, with essays also on important people and trends.
An online, non-proprietary database providing, from a variety of sources (newspapers, magazines, Internet sites, discussion lists). Includes full-text reviews of approximately 30,000 films.
Main Library Reference AI 21 .N44 (1851-2005)
The online versions provide the full image of articles published in the Times from its first issue in 1851. It is searchable by keyword, author, article title, and first paragraph (abstract), and includes illustrations and advertisements. The print New York Times Index provides detailed subject indexing with plentiful cross-references; it also serves as an independent index to dates and a guide to reporting of contemporaneous events in other newspapers.
The New York Times Film Reviews
Main Library Reference PN 1995 .N42
A reproduction of every film review that appeared in The New York Times since 1913. Reviews that have appeared in the Times since 1983 — and some selected films prior to that date — are available online; however, one must register (free of charge) before entering the site.
A reproduction film reviews that appeared in theTimes from the early 1990s through the early 2000s.
Nexis Uni (coverage varies)
Excellent source for locating film reviews in a variety of newspapers. Click on the "News" tab and also include the phrase "film review" in one of the search boxes.
In the Document Type box, select "Film review" to find both citations and full text of articles in about 300 general-interests periodicals. Preceded by the print index, Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature (1901-2011).
Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature (1900+)
Online version (1890-1982)
Main Library Reference AI 3 .R48 (1900-2010)
Provides access to the contents of over 300 popular English-language magazines and journals. To find film reviews in the online version, select the appropriate review type in the Document Type box. The printed volumes have the advantage of uniform subject headings and detailed sub-headings; search under the heading "Motion picture reviews."
Variety Film Reviews
Main Library Reference PN 1993 .V36
Volumes 1-15 reproduce about 40,000 reviews in chronological sequence as they appeared in Variety between 1907 and 1980; volume 16 is the title index to the previous volumes. Continued by biennial volumes with title indexes. Especially useful for coverage of international films and obscure U.S. titles.