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Peer Reviewed Journals

Peer reviewed or refereed journals are scholarly publications that publish articles that have been through a review process by a peer group. 

article is critically evaluated by other specialists or scholars in article’s subject area during the review process and before publication.

how do scholarly publications differ from magazines see "What’s the Difference? Scholarly Journals vs. Magazines"

 How do I find a peer reviewed or refereed journal article? 

Easiest way is to use the limiter in a database.

Check the Help section of the database for assistance in using available limiters.

Many databases allow you to limit to scholarly journals directly from the results list.

Some databases contain only scholarly resources.

Look for information that describes the database or check the Help section.

Ulrichsweb Global Serials Directory is a database used to find detailed information about journals, magazines, and newspapers, no  articles are available within Ulrichsweb.