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Psychology - Online Resources

Online psychology sources developed by UCF Connect librarians.

Quick tips if you only read this page

Look for articles that discuss the test in the database PsycInfo. Cinahl or PubMed databases may help if your topic covers health or medical issues. Check the bibliography or reference list of your articles or books for further sources of information on a test. MMY or HAPI databases may give you contact information for the tests or a vendor name to contact about a test/measure.

Search with keywords like “assessment” or “measurement” to add to the search in a database. Truncate your search to expand it (ex. measur* or assess*) so that the database will find all forms of the root word.

Search in the library catalog for "psychological tests" as a Subject Heading.

FAQ/Finding Information About Psychological Tests A page on the website that is useful and may answer some of your questions.

Check the author’s website. If you are also searching via Google Scholar (set preferences) or Advanced Google, you may be asked to pay or login for some sources. If you are checking from home, then you can set preferences in Google Scholar for the UCF Library and login with your NID and NID password. Always check to see if UCF Libraries has the journal article/book you are searching for, do not pay for an article. You can InterLibrary Loan a copy of the article via UCF Libraries webpages ( Google Scholar is only one web source, make sure you use others.