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Online psychology sources developed by UCF Connect librarians.

First Steps

1. Look for peer-reviewed journals in PsycInfo, Cinahl, ERIC or another scholarly database. The choice of database will depend on the subject you are researching. Check for articles that discuss the type of measure you are interested in finding. Scan the citations in the articles you find for the original source of the measure or the original source of discussion on the measure. Then search for those articles to see if the measure is included. If the source is a book, try using the Library Catalog or InterLibrary Loan.

2. See the page below this one, Special databases for measurement reviews/information, for further sources and information on measures.

3. Search the dissertation database, Proquest Dissertations & Theses. Check the citations for sources to the tests/measures the author used.

4. If you are an Honor student or Graduate student, your department may have funds to help with the purchase of measures. These purchased measures are usually held in the library or in your faculty's college department. Check with your faculty on this. They may need to be the ones who actually do the purchasing.

5. Try searching the open web for the test/measure/scale. Use what you have learned from the peer-reviewed journal articles as your search terms. Once you locate the author you can request the permission to use the measure. Remember, the author may not alwyas have the abiltiy to give permission. Rights to the measure could reside with someone else.

6. Check in books for copies of measures. See the tab on ebook resources, you can search across all these databases by using the Library Catalog clicking on Advanced Search and limiting the format to Online Resource. Use the information you found in Step 1 to locate books. If you locate a print book that has a copy of the measure, you can InterLibrary Loan the item.

7. Use the UCF Library Catalog to locate sources. Type in keywords like "assessment" or "measurement" to add to the search in the library catalog. Truncate your search to expand it (ex. test* or measur* or assess*) so that the database or catalog will find all forms of the root word.