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About Science Fiction

Science Fiction novels, as the name suggests, have some element of science at their core. These elements range from accepted scientific concepts (like artificial intelligence) to possible technological advancements (interplanetary travel) to ideas that border on the fantastical (time travel). Because the extent to which these books are grounded in real science varies, the line between science fiction and fantasy sometimes blurs. Stories most often take place in the near or distant future, but can also be set in the present or past. Common topics and subgenres include:

  • Space: Involves space travel and/or human life on other planets. Alien species may be present.
  • Advanced Technology: Takes place on Earth, with technology beyond what we currently have. The story centers around one of these advancements (i.e. genetic modification, robots, virtual reality) and explores how technology affects society.
  • Dystopian: Describes a future society with an oppressive government and rigid rules. Over the course of the book, the main character finds themselves in opposition to authority and usually tries to change their society.
  • Apocalyptic/Post-apocalyptic: Occurs during or after an apocalyptic disaster, such as climate change, a meteor strike, or nuclear warfare. The collapse of society also plays a prominent role and the plot typically focuses on survival.
  • Superheroes: Features characters with superhuman powers, which may be used for good or evil. These powers can be the result of intentional experimentation, an accident, or a cataclysmic event.
  • Alien Invasion: Features an alien species that has arrived on Earth. Typically these aliens are hostile invaders with plans to colonize the planet for themselves.
  • Zombies: Characters face a virus that turns its victims into flesh-eating undead. Usually a survival story.
  • Steampunk: Features a historical setting (typically Victorian) with advanced steam-powered and mechanical technology. Steampunk is also a popular clothing style and a quick search of "steampunk fashion" can provide a better understanding of the genre.

Examples of YA Science Fiction Books