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Award winning and recommended young adult books available in the CMC

About Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels are similar to comic books in that the story is told through panels of artwork, with text incorporated into the panels. However, a graphic novel typically tells its full story in one volume or in a set number of volumes, rather than the ongoing serialized format of comic books. (Some of the CMC's superhero titles are comic books, although we typically will only have one or two issues.) Graphic novels are becoming increasingly popular with young readers and provide a great opportunity to discuss the way art and text work together to tell a story.

  • Superheroes: This is what most people's first thoughts are when hearing the words "graphic novel" or "comic book." These are stories of people with supernatural powers and (typically) their triumph against evil. Some of these titles are about established characters (Ms. Marvel, Wonder Woman, the Avengers), while others introduce new and original heroes.
  • Adaptations: Retells a familiar story in the graphic novel format. Graphic novel adaptations exist for many of the traditional classics of the western canon, such as The Odyssey or the works of Shakespeare, as well as modern classics and popular fiction.
  • Nonfiction: Often memoirs or biographies, but informational graphic novels are also available.
  • Original Fiction: Everything not included in the other categories! Fictional stories, told through art panels and limited text, that are not based on or adapted from an existing story (some of the titles in the superheroes section are also original fiction).

Examples of YA Graphic Novels