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Award winning and recommended young adult books available in the CMC

About Suspense Genres

These three genres use suspense, intrigue, and fear to pull readers into a mysterious or thrilling story. While they are each distinct genres, the lines between them can often be blurred.

  • Mystery: Features a character who gets caught up in a mystery, which can be supernatural, criminal, or historical, and keeps the reader guessing until the end of the book. Solving the mystery is the focus.
  • Horror: Intended to invoke fear or dread, these stories almost always involve some fantastical element.
  • Thriller: Has some elements of mystery (often involves some sort of crime), but is more focused on edge-of-your-seat suspense. Rather than trying to solve a mystery, the character is usually either trying to get away with a crime or trying to escape/hide from the antagonist. Unlike horror, thrillers focus on realistic threats rather than supernatural ones.

Examples of YA Suspense Books