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Award winning and recommended young adult books available in the CMC

About Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction novels are set in a specific time period in the past (typically more than ten years before the time when they were written). Often these books involve a major historical event, whether political (like the Communist Revolution in Russia) or cultural (the Beatles' arrival in the United States). They can also feature (or even star) a real historical figure, although the details of the story are still fictionalized in some way.

We have sorted our recommended books into the following categories:

  • United States History
  • European History
  • Latin American and Caribbean History
  • African and Middle Eastern History
  • Asian and Pacific Island History

Alternate History: These books involve a "what if" question related to historical events. These questions can range from the political ("What if the Nazis won World War II?") to the fantastical ("What if a zombie outbreak interrupted the Civil War?"). While most of these books are set in the past, some may take place in a modern setting that has been significantly altered by these alternate historical events. See also: Historical Fantasy in the Fantasy section of this LibGuide.

Examples of YA Historical Fiction Books