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Leganto is a tool that allows faculty to create and organize reading lists easily. It is embedded in Webcourses so students never have to leave Canvas when using it.


Best Practices

One of the great benefits of Leganto is its robust analytics reporting. It can tell which of your resources is getting used and how often. To get the maximum benefit from these analytics, instructors can assist in several ways:

1. Include the maximum enrollment for the class. To do this, once you've created your list, click on the List Menu (three dots) at the top of the page and choose “Manage link to course.” Now click on the three dots to the right of your course and choose Edit. In the Number of participants box, enter the number of spots available in your class (not the number of people actually in the class). Click Save.

2. Arrange your Webcourse so that Leganto is the only way for students to access the reading list. Leganto will only collect data for resources accessed through Leganto. If you include more than one way to access your materials (such as listing them in a module somewhere), and your students use that alternative method of access, then the statistical data will not be collected. 

If you prefer to have your students see only part of the readings at a time (for example on a weekly basis or for a specific module), then you can create a link to only part of the greater Leganto list and include that link in your modules wherever you like. See "How to Link part of your list to a module."