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Microfilm and Microfiche: 1700-1799

identifies the microfilm and microfiche collections of UCF, plus some related digital and print collections

American Memory Historical Collections (Library of Congress) (1490+)

The American Memory Historical Collections, a major component of the Library's National Digital Library Program, are multimedia collections of digitized documents, photographs, recorded sound, moving pictures, and text from the Library's Americana collections.

History Resource Center: U.S. (1492+)

"In addition to e-text, users may also view original page facsimiles of many of these documents by clicking the View Image button within a document"

Sources and Documents of United States Constitutions (1492-1979)

Sources and Documents of United States Constitutions is an annotated collection of the fundamental instruments recording the historical development of constitutional government in each state in the Union. For example, the Florida section includes the Treaty of Amity (1819); Act of March 3, 1821; territorial acts; and Florida Constitutions, 1838-1968.

  • General Collection KF 4530 .S94

Sources and Documents of United States Constitutions, Second Series provides a substantial number of additional documents dealing with constitutional development, but not directly or exclusively relevant to a single state, starting with Privileges and Prerogatives granted to Christopher Columbus (1492) and ending with Bakke v. University of California Regents (June 28, 1979).

  • General Collection KF 4530 .S942

American Culture Series (1493-1951)

  • Microfilm E 169.1 .A47 (all reels were withdrawn due to damage)
  • 643 reels (all reels were withdrawn due to damage)
  • 471-page guide -- Reference E 169.1 .A47

American Culture Series, 1493-1875. -- Early American books and pamphlets. ACS I is a single complete unit of about 250 titles arranged in chronological order, 1493-1806, on 26 reels. ACS II consists of more than 5,500 titles arranged in categories repeated in 20 units on reels 27-643. The ACS II units are not chronological; each of the units may contain books or pamphlets published between 1604 and 1951. The ACS II categories include

  • Art & Architecture (274 titles)
  • History (1,574 titles)
  • Literature & Languages (903 titles)
  • Music (45 titles)
  • Philosophy, Psychology & Religion (472 titles)
  • Economics (578 titles)
  • Education (135 titles)
  • Journalism (58 titles)
  • Politics & Law (311 titles)
  • Military & Naval History & Science (293 titles)
  • Anthropology & Sociology (240 titles)
  • Sciences--astronomy, botany, chemistry, geography, geology, mathematics, medicine, physics, & zoology (683 titles).

See also: Early American Imprints. Series I. Evans and PCMI Library Collection.

Annals of America (1493-1968)

  • Reference E 173 .A793
  • 21 volumes

Provides the history of America through letters, documents, speeches, etc - beginning with a letter home from Columbus in 1493 and ending with part of an article by Scott Buchanan, philosopher, educator, and writer on politics, published in the Center Magazine in 1968.

Album of American History (1493-1982)

  • Reference E 178.5 .A48
  • 7 volumes

"The intent to tell the history of America through pictures made at the time the history was being made."

Sabin Americana, 1500-1926

The UCF Library has the digital collection, but does not have the microfilm version based on Joseph Sabin's bibliography, "Bibliotheca Americana: A Dictionary of Books Relating to America From its Discovery to the Present Time"
Reference Z 1201.S2 1961

Women Writers Project (1526-1850)

Western Americana (1528-1951)

  • Microfiche (call number varies)
  • 990 titles on microfiche
  • 107-page guide -- F591.W47 Guide

1,012 books and documents, primarily of the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries, on the American West.

Search the UCF library catalog by the series title "Western Americana" or by individual titles to identify unique call numbers.

Gerritsen Collection of Women's History (1543-1945)

  • Microfilm/Microfiche HQ 1121 .G47
  • 2 volume guide -- Reference HQ 1121 .G47

International coverage. Includes 4,311 monographs and 265 serials on 17,500 microfiche and 241 reels of microfilm.

Catholic Church. Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas. Microfilm edition of the records of the Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas, 1576-1803

  • Microfilm CD 3269 .A2 C32
  • 12 reels
  • 45-page guide -- Reference CD 3269 .A2 C32

Microfilm of manuscript collection in the University of Notre Dame Archives.

Select Charters and Other Documents Illustrative of American History, 1606-1775

  • General Collection E 173 .M131 1899

Contents: First Charter of Virginia -- Second Charter of Virginia -- Third Charter of Virginia -- Patent of the Council for New England -- Mayflower Compact -- Ordinance for Virginia -- Grant of Maine to Gorges and Mason -- First Charter of Massachusetts -- Charter of Privileges to Patroons -- Grant of New Hampshire -- Plymouth Patent -- Charter of Maryland -- Grant of New Hampshire and Massonia -- Fundamental Orders of Connecticut -- Grant of the Province of Maine -- Fundamental Articles of New Haven -- Massachusetts Body of Liberties -- Patent of Providence Plantations -- New England Confederation -- Government of New Haven -- Maryland Toleration Act -- Navigation Act -- First Navigation Act -- Charter of Connecticut -- Explanatory Navigation Act -- First Charter of Carolina -- Charter of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations -- Second Navigation Act -- Grant to the Duke of York -- Grant of New Jersey to Berkeley and Carteret -- New Jersey Concession and Agreement -- Second Charter of Carolina -- Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina -- Third Navigation Act -- Grant of New Jersey to Carteret -- Quintipartite Deed -- Concessions and Agreements of West New Jersey -- Charter of Pennsylvania -- Grant of East New Jersey -- Frame of Government of Pennsylvania -- Pennsylvania and Delaware Frame -- Second Charter of Massachusetts -- Navigation Act -- Pennsylvania Frame of Government -- Treaty of Ryswick -- Pennsylvania Charter of Privileges -- Treaty of Utrecht -- Explanatory Charter of Massachusetts -- Charter of Georgia -- Molasses Act -- Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle -- Albany Plan of Union -- Writ of Assistance -- Treaty of Paris -- Royal Proclamation Concerning America -- Sugar Act -- Stamp Act -- Quartering Act -- Resolutions of the Stamp Act Congress -- Declaratory act -- Act Suspending the New York Assembly -- Townshend Acts -- Act Establishing Customs Commissioners -- Revenue Act -- Tea Act -- Massachusetts Circular Letter -- Virginia Resolutions -- Boston Port Act -- Massachusetts Government Act -- Administration of Justice Act -- Quartering Act -- Declaration and Resolves of the First Continental Congress -- The Association -- Lord North's Conciliatory Resolution -- New England Restraining Act -- Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms -- Petition to the King -- Report on Lord North's Conciliatory Resolution -- Proclamation of Rebellion -- Act Prohibiting Trade and Intercourse with America.

Jesuit Missionaries (1610-1791)

Print volumes, included on this guide because of related content.

"The story of New France is also, in part, the story of much of New England, and of States whose shores are washed by the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River."

Iroquois Indians: a Documentary History of the Diplomacy of the Six Nations and Their League (1613-1921)

  • Microfilm E 99 .I7 I7
  • 50 reels
  • 718 page guide -- Reference E 99 .I7 I7

Virginia. General Assembly. House of Burgesses. Journals of the House of Burgesses, 1619-1776

  • Microfilm J 87 .V6
  • 4 reels
  • 147-page guide -- Reference J 87 .V6

Early American Imprints. Series I. Evans (1639-1800)

"Early American Imprints, Series I. Evans (1639-1800) has been hailed as one of the most important collections ever produced on microform. Based on the renowned American Bibliography by Charles Evans and enhanced by Roger Bristol's Supplement to Evans' American Bibliography, the collection was first published by Readex in cooperation with the American Antiquarian Society (AAS).

For decades, the collection has served as a foundation set for research involving early American history, literature, philosophy, religion, and more. Series I. Evans is the definitive resource for information about every aspect of life in 17th- and 18th-century America, from agriculture and auctions through foreign affairs, diplomacy, literature, music, religion, the Revolutionary War, temperance, witchcraft, and just about any other topic imaginable."

The UCF Library does not have the microform collection, but does have the various print bibliographies and online access to the Evans portion:

  • American Bibliography (Evans, 1639-1800) -- Reference Z 1215 .E92
  • Supplement to Charles Evans' American Bibliography (Bristol, 1646-1800) -- Reference Z 1215 .E92334
  • American Bibliography (Shaw-Shoemaker, 1801-1819) -- Reference Z 1215 .S48
  • American Imprints (Shoemaker, 1820-1846) -- Reference Z 1215 .S5

See also: American Culture Series and PCMI Library Collection.

Draper Manuscripts (1650-1891)

  • Microfilm F 591 .F7 (microfilm damaged, no longer available in UCF Libraries collection)
  • 123 reels

Manuscripts collected by Lyman Draper (1815-1891) chiefly on the history of the trans-Allegheny West. Occasionally referred to as the "Draper Papers."

Appendix III on pages 419-459 of the guide [Reference F 591.F7 Guide] identifies more than 575 cartographic pieces in the Draper Manuscripts. "Diverse in topics, areas covered, and the skill of the cartographers, these include numerous sketches delineating prehistoric Indian mounds in Ohio and the interior of Mammoth Cave in Kentucky..., maps depicting the early Virginia-Tennessee-Kentucky border region..., land survey plats, plats of the Tippecanoe battlefield in 1811 by two participants..., the Old Northwest in 1812..., and an 1821 map of the area which became Minneapolis, Minnesota...."

Documentary volumes published by the Wisconsin Historical Society:
Calendars published by the Wisconsin Historical Society:

English Literary Periodicals (1681-1914)

  • Microfilm PR 1 .E53
  • 969 reels
  • 96-page guide -- Reference PR 1 .E532

Consists of 341 titles published in Great Britain during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Although predominantly literary in nature, these periodicals nevertheless encompass a wide variety of subject matter and thus provide a wealth of information about the cultural life of the times.

The electronic index was incomplete, but growing; it was canceled due to budget cuts. The print index provides very limited subject access to the complete set and is shelved in the UCF Library's Reference Collection. About twenty-five of the periodicals in this collection are at least partially indexed in Poole's Index to Periodical Literature [Reference AI 3 .P7] (1802-1906).

Search the UCF library catalog by individual periodical title (i.e., Journal/Magazine Title: "albemarle") for call numbers, then get reel number from the note in the catalog record; or search by series title (Title: "english literary periodicals") for a list of titles. Some titles listed in the print index are not yet listed in the library catalog, but are available in the microfilm.


Pennsylvania. Provincial Council. Records of the Provincial Council, 1682-1776

  • Microfilm F 152 .G85 1966
  • 26 reels
  • 130-page guide -- Reference F152 .G85 1966

PCMI Library Collection (1692-1967)

  • Microfiche AC 1 .P25

Full text reproductions on ultrafiche of works from American civilization, literature, humanities, science & technology, and social sciences. No guide is available, but the individual titles are included in the UCF library catalog.

Browse the UCF library catalog by call number

See also: Early American Imprints. Series I. Evans and American Culture Series.

Records of the British Colonial Office, Class 5 (1700-1784)

  • Microfilm E 162 .R434
  • 2-volume guide -- Reference E 162 .R434
  • Part 1 Westward Expansion, 1700-1784. 12 reels - guide
  • Part 2 The Board of Trade [not available at UCF] - guide
  • Part 3 French and Indian War, 1753-1763. 8 reels - guide
  • Part 4 Royal Instructions & Commissions to Colonial Officials, 1702-1771 [not available at UCF] - guide
  • Part 5 American Revolution, 1772-1784. 15 reels - guide

Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. Papers, 1702-1799

  • Microfilm BV 2500 .A6 S62
  • 17 reels
  • No guide is available

Until the American Revolution, more than three hundred missionaries were sent into the colonies by this Anglican group.

The Jefferson Papers of the University of Virginia, 1732-1828

  • Microfilm E 332 .J654 1977
  • 10 reels
  • 96-page guide -- Reference E 332 .J654 1977 (guide is also available online at University of Virginia)

See also the Thomas Jefferson Papers at the Library of Congress.

Amherst, Jeffery Amherst, 1st Baron, 1717-1797. Official Papers, 1740-1783

  • Microfilm DA 67.1 .A43
  • 202 reels
  • 6-page guide -- Reference DA 67.1 .A43

U. S. and Canadian history. Official Papers & Correspondence of Jeffery, 1st Baron Amherst, Commander-in-Chief of the British Forces in North America, 1758-64, Governor-General of British North America, 1760, absentee Governor of Virginia 1763-1768, Governor of Guernsey 1770, Privy Councillor 1772, officiating Commander-in-Chief at home 1772-1782, Commander-in-Chief 1793-95, Field Marshal 1796.

American Periodical Series. American Periodicals, 1741-1935

  • APS I, 1741-1799, 33 reels -- Microfilm AP 2 .A387 -- 2-volume guide -- Reference AP 2 .A387 Guide
  • APS II, 1800-1850, 1,966 reels -- Microfilm AP 2 .A388 -- 341-page guide -- Reference AP 2 .A388 Guide
  • APS III, 1850-1935, 771 reels -- Microfilm AP 2 .A389

Includes more than 1,100 periodicals.

American Periodical Series Online is incomplete, but growing, and provides full text access. American Periodicals Index (subscription canceled) is also incomplete, but may have some coverage not yet included in the full text database.

American Periodical Series covers all known periodical publications that had their inception and ending from 1741 to 1935. The full text of the actual periodicals are in the UCF Library in three microfilm collections (often referred to as APS I, APS II and APS III). You may find the CD-ROM version available in the Library's Electronic Reference Area easier to use. The print index provides very limited subject access to the complete series and is shelved in the UCF Library's Reference Collection [REF AP2.A388]. A more detailed 2-volume print index is available for APS I [REF AP2.A387], providing citations to specific articles. Nearly one hundred of the periodicals in the APS II & APS III collections are at least partially indexed in Poole's Index to Periodical Literature [REF AI3.P7] (1802-1906). See also Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature [Gen Coll AI3.R48] for some indexing of articles from 1890-1935.

Search the UCF library catalog by individual periodical title (i.e., Journal/Magazine Title: "american apollo") for call numbers, then get reel number from the series note in the catalog record; or search by series title (Journal/Magazine Title: "american periodical series") for a list of titles.

Nineteenth Century Collections Online (1749-1949)

Asia & the West: Diplomacy & Cultural Exchange, including:

  • British Foreign Office:
    • Japan Correspondence, 1856-1923
  • Despatches from U.S. Consuls in China, Siam, Java, Netherlands East Indies, Philippine Islands, Vietnam
  • Missionary Files: Methodist Episcopal Church Correspondence, 1846-1949 (China, Japan, Korea)
  • Selected Records of the U.S. Legation in China (1849-1931) and in Japan (1855-1912)

British Politics & Society, including:

  • British Cabinet Papers, 1880-1906
  • Home Office Papers & Records, Registered Papers, Disturbances Entry Books, Domestic Entry Books, Post Office Correspondence, Domestic Correspondence from 1773 to 1861
  • Papers of
    • Charles James Fox, 1749-1806
    • Sir Robert Peel (Prime Minister, 1834-5, 1841-5 & 1845-6)
    • John Cam Hobhouse, 1809-1869
  • Rare Radical & Labour Periodicals of Great Britain
  • Working Class Autobiographies
  • Whitechapel Murders Papers: Letters Relating to the "Jack the Ripper" Killings

British Theatre, Music, & Literature: High & Popular Culture, including:

  • British Playbills, 1754-1882
  • Drury Lane Theatre Archive; Manuscript Plays & Correspondence
  • King's Theatre Haymarket Archive
  • Popular Literature in 18th & 19th Century Britain
  • Wandering Minstrels Archive
  • Royal Philharmonic Society Archive & Music Manuscripts

Europe & Africa: Commerce, Christianity, Civilization & Conquest, including:

  • Colonial African Newspapers
  • Despatches from U.S. Consuls in British Africa, British West Africa, Cape Colony, Cape Verde Islands, Congo, Dakar, Gaboon, Gambia, Liberia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Portuguese Africa, St. Helena, Sierra Leone, The Transvaal, Zanzibar
  • International Population Census, Africa
  • Personal Narratives & Reminiscences of the Exploration of Africa
  • Selected Colonial Office Files, Foreign Office Files, and India Office Files on Africa
  • Methodist Episcopal Church Missionary Correspondence, 1846-1912: Africa
  • Yale Divinity School Periodicals on Africa

European Literature, 1790-1840: The Corvey Collection

  • 3,250+ works by 1,250+ authors in English (more than 1,000 titles by women)
  • 3,658 works in French (more than 500 by women)
  • 2,654 works in German

Photography: The World through the Lens, including:

  • History of Photography
  • Photographs from British Admiralty Office, British Colonial Office, Victoria & Albert Museum, Royal Archives
  • British Journal of Photography & Annual, 1854-1914
  • Early Rare Photographic Books from the Northwestern Museum of Science & Industry Collection
  • Albums from David Octavius Hill & Robert Adamson, 1843-1848
  • Japanese Old Photographs in Bakumatsu-Meiji Period

Science, Technology & Medicine: 1780-1925, including:

  • American Medical Periodicals
  • Astronomy & Astrophysics
  • Civil Engineering
  • Color Theory & Practice
  • Electricity & Electromagnetism
  • Evolution & the Origin of Species
  • Mathematics
  • Scientific & Technical Periodicals from the Royal Society of London's Catalogue of Scientific Papers, 1800-1900

Women: Transnational Networks, including:

  • British Birth Control Material at the British Library of Political & Economic Sciences: 1800-1947
  • Diaries of Elizabeth Fry, 1797-1845
  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  • Quaker Women's Diaries: 18th-19th Centuries

Baynton, Wharton and Morgan Papers in the Pennsylvania State Archives (1757-1787)

  • Microfilm HF 3025 .B38
  • 10 reels
  • 29-page guide -- Reference HF 3025 .B38 (brief guide from Pennsylvania State Archives)

 "The correspondence and business papers of a famous trading house of colonial Philadelphia. Since the firm was involved in trade with other colonies, with Europe, with the West Indies, and--increasingly--with Indians & settlers in the western country, its papers are rich in information on the movements of trade in the years between the French & Indian War and the American Revolution, on the early development of the Illinois country, on the fur trade, on the supply of provisions for military posts, and generally on the role of this Philadelphia business establishment in westward expansion."

The Papers of Aaron Burr (1757-1836)

  • Microfilm E 302.6 .B9 B9
  • 27 reels
  • 100-page guide -- Reference E 302.6 .B9 B9

Burr, Aaron, 1756-1836.

  • Series I: Letters written by and to Burr, the records of his public career, & miscellaneous business records such as receipts, promissory notes, & deeds. (Reels 1-11)
  • Series II: Orderly books kept by Burr during the Revolution and the Journal kept by him for the period 1808-1812. (Reel 12)
  • Series III: Records of Burr's legal practice, 1782-1836. (Reels 13-27)

Sir Frederick Haldimand: Unpublished Papers and Correspondence, 1758-1784

  • Microfilm F 1032 .H34
  • 115 reels
  • 18-page guide -- Reference F 1032 .H34

Haldimand, Frederick, Sir. 1718-1791.

Canadian & U.S./Florida history. The official and private correspondence and papers of General Sir Frederick Haldimand, Commander of posts at Three Rivers, Pensacola and St. Augustine 1758-1777, Acting Commander in Chief in North America 1773-1774, and Governor of Quebec 1778-1784, from the British Library.

Annual Register of world events; a review of the year (1758+)

"Contents vary. 19th- and early-20th-century volumes are strong in biographical information in the obituary sections. Recent volumes have few obituary notices. Includes survey articles on the year's developments in the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth, and other countries of the world; international organizations; and chapters on religion, science, law, the arts, economics, etc. Includes some public documents, and many abstracts of political speeches. Gives English affairs with more fullness than those of other countries." [ALA Guide to Reference Books, 11th ed.]

Great Britain. Public Record Office. American Rebellion: Entry Books (WO36) and American Revolution Entry Book (WO36) (1773-1783)

Some related materials may be available in the 21-volume printed Colonial Office series

  • Documents of the American Revolution, 1770-1783
  • General Collection E203.G68

B. F. Stevens's Facsimiles of Manuscripts in European Archives Relating to America, 1773-1783

  • General Collection E 203 .S84 1970
  • 25 volumes

With descriptions, editorial notes, collations, references and translations.

American Archives... (1774-1776)

  • Microfiche E 203 .A5

American Archives: Consisting of a Collection of Authentick Records, state papers, debates, and letters and other notices of publick affairs, the whole forming a documentary history of the origin and progress of the North American colonies; of the causes and accomplishment of the American Revolution; and of the Constitution of government for the United States, to the final ratification thereof [by Peter Force] In 6 series.

  • 4th ser. Containing a documentary history of the English colonies in North America, from the King's message to Parliament, of March 7, 1774, to the Declaration of Independence by the United States. 6 v.
  • 5th ser. Containing a documentary history of the United States of America, from the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776, to the definitive treaty of peace with Great Britain, September 3, 1783. 3 v.
  • No more published. The 1st, 2d and 3d series have never appeared. The 5th series, left unfinished, ends with the year 1776.

Papers of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789

  • Microfilm J 10 .A5
  • 204 reels
  • 5 volume index -- Reference J 10 .A5
  • 67-page reel guide in Reference and General Collection J 10 .A5

See also A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation: U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates - Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention (Library of Congress)

American Prose Fiction (1774-1900)

  • Microfilm PS 535 .W7
  • 1,400 reels
  • 416-page guide -- Reference PS 535 .W7
  • related online guides for American Fiction, 1774-1910 and 1911-1920
  • Many of the titles from 1851-1875 are also available online.

"Among the prose forms represented in this series are romances, short stories, fictitious biographies, travels and sketches, and allegories. Although the earliest writings reveal a preoccupation with travel, adventure, temperance, and matrimony, by the mid-1800's many authors began turning to more serious themes, such as slavery and the war, women's rights, westward migration, and social reform. In the last quarter of the century, as the U.S. began to emerge as a modern industrial nation, writers portrayed the diverse life-styles of the population. The collection contains all of the obtainable titles, 10,827 items in all, cited by Lyle H. Wright in his three definitive bibliographies,"

  • American Fiction 1774-1850 -- Reference PS 375 .W67
  • American Fiction 1851-1875 -- Reference PS 375 .W68
  • American Fiction 1876-1900 -- Reference PS 375 .W69

Journals of the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (1776-1781)

  • Microfilm JK 3666 .P46 1986
  • 3 reels
  • no guide

Journals ...beginning the twenty-eighth day of November, 1776, and ending the second day of October, 1781, with proceedings of the several committees and conventions before and at the commencement of the American Revolution.

Papers of the War Department, 1784 to 1800

William Wirt Papers (1786-1850)

  • Microfilm E 340 .W79 B6
  • 24 reels
  • 23-page guide -- Reference E 340 .W79 B6

Wirt, William, 1772-1834.

Over 8,000 items from the papers of a successful author and eminent lawyer who was Attorney General of the United States from 1817-1829.

Session Laws of American States and Territories, prior to 1900 (1787-1899)

  • Microfiche call number varies
  • No guide is available

Search the UCF library catalog by series title "session laws" for individual states.

United States Government Publications (1789+)

The UCF Library has several microfiche sets providing full text of documents from the U.S. Government, including:

  • CIS U.S. Congressional Committee Hearings Index, 1833-1969
  • American Statistics Index (1984+)

See also: Congressional Publications: Finding Aids

American State Papers (1789-1838) and U.S. Congressional Serial Set (1817+)

  • CIS U.S. Serial Set Index / American State Papers, 1789-1969
  • CIS Index of Congressional Publications & Legislative Histories (1970+)
  • The index for the microfiche is available in ProQuest Congressional
  • Online versions