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Microfilm and Microfiche: Florida - Other

identifies the microfilm and microfiche collections of UCF, plus some related digital and print collections

Bucket and Dipper Club

  • Microfilm F 317 .L2 B83 (1 reel, 1886?-1925?)
  • microfilm is no longer available due to decay

Bucket and Dipper Club held meetings in the Fruitland Park, Florida area (formerly Sumter County which is now Lake County) and was composed of Englishmen who came to Florida with the English land companies.

Includes Club records: correspondence, rules, minutes, social evenings, list of members, concert programme, and results of spelling bees.

Also includes Temperature journals of Louis Bosanquet 1882-1925.

Carey Hand Funeral Home (Orlando, FL). Funeral Records, 1891-1955

  • Special Collections RA 622 .C36

(Although these records are paper, not microform, they are included in this guide because of related content.)

  • Undertakers Memoranda, June 15, 1891-Dec. 27, 1946. (182 volumes)
  • Greenwood and Palm cemetery records. (Circa 1889-1944, 2 volumes)
  • Funeral registers, Jan. 1, 1919-Dec. 30, 1952. (34 volumes)
  • Bills. (1920-1932, 4 volumes)
  • Cremations records, 1926-1949. (4 volumes)
  • Ambulance records, Jan. 1, 1934- May 1955. (10 volumes)
  • Storage Vault Records, Oct. 1935-Oct. 1947. (1 volume)
  • Veterans and Orlando Air Base records. (1 volume)
    • Veterans: Jan. 10, 1938-Mar.18, 1952.
    • Orlando Air Base: Nov. 22, 1940-May 3, 1942.
  • Miscellanea. (undated, 1 folder)

Catholic Church. Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas. Microfilm edition of the records of the Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas, 1576-1803

  • Microfilm CD 3269 .A2 C32
  • 12 reels
  • 45-page guide -- Reference CD 3269 .A2 C32

Microfilm of manuscript collection in the University of Notre Dame Archives.

Florida (Territory). Acts of the Legislative Council

  • Microfiche KFF 25.2 .F6 1822-1845 (1st-23rd Sessions, August, 1822-January, 1845, 36 fiche)

Florida (Territory). Record of Acts of the Legislative Council of the Territory of Florida and General Assembly of the State of Florida Relating to County Boundaries, 1821-1937

  • Microfilm F 317 .F65 (1 reel)
  • microfilm is no longer available due to decay

Florida. Acts and Resolutions Adopted by the Legislature, June, 1845-April,1899

  • MIcrofiche KFF 25.2 .F6 1845-1899 (81 fiche)

Sir Frederick Haldimand: Unpublished Papers and Correspondence, 1758-1784

  • Microfilm F 1032 .H34
  • 115 reels
  • 18-page guide -- Reference F 1032 .H34

Haldimand, Frederick, Sir. 1718-1791.

Canadian & U.S./Florida history. The official and private correspondence and papers of General Sir Frederick Haldimand, Commander of posts at Three Rivers, Pensacola and St. Augustine 1758-1777, Acting Commander in Chief in North America 1773-1774, and Governor of Quebec 1778-1784, from the British Library.

Harney, William Wallace, 1831-1912. Florida

  • Microfilm F 311 .H37 (2 reels)
  • microfilm is no longer available due to decay

A series of correspondence articles in the Cincinnati Commercial on Florida with varying titles published from 1869.

Records of the States of the United States of America: Florida

  • Microfilm F 311 .U5 (36 reels)

Issued by the State Records Microfilm Project as a joint enterprise of the Library of Congress and the University of North Carolina.

An index is located on a separate reel in this set. The index includes coverage of other states, but only the Florida materials are held by UCF.


  • legislative records such as the journals of the Legislature (1822-1869, 1912)
  • ordinances & statutory law (1821-1877)
  • Duval's Compilation of Public Acts (1839)
  • Thompson's Digest (1847)
  • constitutional records (1810-1868)
  • administrative records (1827-1850)
  • executive records (1845-1874)
  • Supreme Court Record Book (1825-1845)
  • legislative/executive records (1764-1783)
  • records of the rudimentary State (1810-1817)

and the following miscellany:

  • Bernard Romans. A concise natural history of East and West Florida..., 1775
  • East Florida Gazette (St. Augustine) - various issues from 1783
  • Pensacola Gazette - various issues from 1824 and 1828
  • Havitantes de la Florida Oriental. El Coronel Jose Coppinger. San Augustin, 1821
  • 6 Ordinances, Major General Andrew Jackson. Pensacola, 1821
  • The case of the inhabitants of East-Florida... St. Augustine, 1784
  • John Melish. A description of East and West Florida, 1813
  • Circular, Army of Pensacola, Mar. 31, 1862
  • Oration delivered by Col. James Gadsden...Tallahassee, 1827
  • A eulogy...on John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. H. M. Brackenridge, Pensacola, 1826
  • Reply of the board of directors of the Union Bank of Florida, Tallahassee, 1840
  • Prayers and other devotions for the use of the soldiers of the army of the Confederate States.
  • Experience of a Confederate States prisoner...Richmond, 1862
  • Regulations of the ordinance department of the Confederate States, Richmond, 1861
  • 1863 Aug. 23-1864 Feb. 6, R. B. Hilton. Notes on habeas corpus and prisoners of war
  • Constitution of the State of Florida. St. Joseph, 1839
  • Buckingham Smith Papers: 1739 Mar. 22-1741 Feb. 1 Vol. 23 Letters to the Captain General of Cuba; Vol. 9 Recapture of Florida...; Vol. 11 Florida papers
  • A dialogue between a colonel of the militia and a militiaman, in relation to the rights of militiamen and the execution of the six militiamen. no date
  • A short system of military tactics..., 1844
  • Military and patrol laws... Tallahassee, 1847

Some of the above information might also be found in Territorial Papers of the United States: Florida Territory, 1821-1845, compiled by Clarence Edwin Carter - available in bound paper volumes in the UCF Library:

  • General Collection E 173.C3 v.22-26
  • General Collection E 173.C32 1973 v.22-26

See also the American State Papers and U.S. Congressional Serial Set

Jacob Jacocks Papers

  • Microfilm F 317 .O6 J2 (1 reel)
  • microfilm is no longer available due to decay

"C.W.Jacocks, Formosa, Orange Co., Fla., from 28th day July A.D. 1883, to..."

Microfilmed by the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, from an original manuscript housed in the Southern Historical Collection.

Names and addresses of the orange and vegetable growers of south Florida: entered according to Act of Congress

  • Microfilm F 317 .O6 N35 (1 reel, 1891)
  • microfilm is no longer available due to decay

Owen, John W., compiler, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress.
Arranged and compiled with authority of Wilbur McCoy.

"Showing acreage in orange groves and estimated yield in boxes."

United States. Census Office. Population schedules: Florida, 1830-1880

  • Microfilm HA 312 .A23 (8 reels)

Name indexes are available for 1830, 1840, & 1850 in the UCF Library Reference Collection -- Reference F 310 .J3

Population schedules for earlier and later years are available in the Genealogy Department of the Orlando Public Library, which has all available years for the entire U.S.

United States. National Archives. Muster rolls of the Florida Indian Wars: including Capt. Aaron Jernigan's Company, March 1852 and Capt. Robert D.Bradley's Company, July 1849, Record Group 94

  • Microfilm F 315 .U54 (1 reel)
  • microfilm is no longer available due to decay

Florida militia muster rolls, Seminole Indian Wars, are also available in UCF's Florida Documents Collection, MA B3:S63/, which also has various other lists from Spanish garrisons (1565) through Desert Storm (1991).

See also Publications of the Florida National Guard for digitized versions of many of the Special Archives Publication series from the Florida Department of Military Affairs.