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Microfilm and Microfiche: Other Countries

identifies the microfilm and microfiche collections of UCF, plus some related digital and print collections

Sabin Americana, 1500-1926

The UCF Library has the digital collection, but does not have the microfilm version based on Joseph Sabin's bibliography, "Bibliotheca Americana: A Dictionary of Books Relating to America From its Discovery to the Present Time"
Reference Z 1201.S2 1961

Early American Imprints. Series I. Evans (1639-1800)

"Early American Imprints, Series I. Evans (1639-1800) has been hailed as one of the most important collections ever produced on microform. Based on the renowned American Bibliography by Charles Evans and enhanced by Roger Bristol's Supplement to Evans' American Bibliography, the collection was first published by Readex in cooperation with the American Antiquarian Society (AAS).

For decades, the collection has served as a foundation set for research involving early American history, literature, philosophy, religion, and more. Series I. Evans is the definitive resource for information about every aspect of life in 17th- and 18th-century America, from agriculture and auctions through foreign affairs, diplomacy, literature, music, religion, the Revolutionary War, temperance, witchcraft, and just about any other topic imaginable."

The UCF Library does not have the microform collection, but does have the various print bibliographies and online access to the Evans portion:

  • American Bibliography (Evans, 1639-1800) -- Reference Z 1215 .E92
  • Supplement to Charles Evans' American Bibliography (Bristol, 1646-1800) -- Reference Z 1215 .E92334
  • American Bibliography (Shaw-Shoemaker, 1801-1819) -- Reference Z 1215 .S48
  • American Imprints (Shoemaker, 1820-1846) -- Reference Z 1215 .S5

See also: American Culture Series and PCMI Library Collection.

English Literary Periodicals (1681-1914)

  • Microfilm PR 1 .E53
  • 969 reels
  • 96-page guide -- Reference PR 1 .E532

Consists of 341 titles published in Great Britain during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Although predominantly literary in nature, these periodicals nevertheless encompass a wide variety of subject matter and thus provide a wealth of information about the cultural life of the times.

The electronic index was incomplete, but growing; it was canceled due to budget cuts. The print index provides very limited subject access to the complete set and is shelved in the UCF Library's Reference Collection. About twenty-five of the periodicals in this collection are at least partially indexed in Poole's Index to Periodical Literature [Reference AI 3 .P7] (1802-1906).

Search the UCF library catalog by individual periodical title (i.e., Journal/Magazine Title: "albemarle") for call numbers, then get reel number from the note in the catalog record; or search by series title (Title: "english literary periodicals") for a list of titles. Some titles listed in the print index are not yet listed in the library catalog, but are available in the microfilm.


Amherst, Jeffery Amherst, 1st Baron, 1717-1797. Official Papers, 1740-1783

  • Microfilm DA 67.1 .A43
  • 202 reels
  • 6-page guide -- Reference DA 67.1 .A43

U. S. and Canadian history. Official Papers & Correspondence of Jeffery, 1st Baron Amherst, Commander-in-Chief of the British Forces in North America, 1758-64, Governor-General of British North America, 1760, absentee Governor of Virginia 1763-1768, Governor of Guernsey 1770, Privy Councillor 1772, officiating Commander-in-Chief at home 1772-1782, Commander-in-Chief 1793-95, Field Marshal 1796.

Nineteenth Century Collections Online (1749-1949)

Asia & the West: Diplomacy & Cultural Exchange, including:

  • British Foreign Office:
    • Japan Correspondence, 1856-1923
  • Despatches from U.S. Consuls in China, Siam, Java, Netherlands East Indies, Philippine Islands, Vietnam
  • Missionary Files: Methodist Episcopal Church Correspondence, 1846-1949 (China, Japan, Korea)
  • Selected Records of the U.S. Legation in China (1849-1931) and in Japan (1855-1912)

British Politics & Society, including:

  • British Cabinet Papers, 1880-1906
  • Home Office Papers & Records, Registered Papers, Disturbances Entry Books, Domestic Entry Books, Post Office Correspondence, Domestic Correspondence from 1773 to 1861
  • Papers of
    • Charles James Fox, 1749-1806
    • Sir Robert Peel (Prime Minister, 1834-5, 1841-5 & 1845-6)
    • John Cam Hobhouse, 1809-1869
  • Rare Radical & Labour Periodicals of Great Britain
  • Working Class Autobiographies
  • Whitechapel Murders Papers: Letters Relating to the "Jack the Ripper" Killings

British Theatre, Music, & Literature: High & Popular Culture, including:

  • British Playbills, 1754-1882
  • Drury Lane Theatre Archive; Manuscript Plays & Correspondence
  • King's Theatre Haymarket Archive
  • Popular Literature in 18th & 19th Century Britain
  • Wandering Minstrels Archive
  • Royal Philharmonic Society Archive & Music Manuscripts

Europe & Africa: Commerce, Christianity, Civilization & Conquest, including:

  • Colonial African Newspapers
  • Despatches from U.S. Consuls in British Africa, British West Africa, Cape Colony, Cape Verde Islands, Congo, Dakar, Gaboon, Gambia, Liberia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Portuguese Africa, St. Helena, Sierra Leone, The Transvaal, Zanzibar
  • International Population Census, Africa
  • Personal Narratives & Reminiscences of the Exploration of Africa
  • Selected Colonial Office Files, Foreign Office Files, and India Office Files on Africa
  • Methodist Episcopal Church Missionary Correspondence, 1846-1912: Africa
  • Yale Divinity School Periodicals on Africa

European Literature, 1790-1840: The Corvey Collection

  • 3,250+ works by 1,250+ authors in English (more than 1,000 titles by women)
  • 3,658 works in French (more than 500 by women)
  • 2,654 works in German

Photography: The World through the Lens, including:

  • History of Photography
  • Photographs from British Admiralty Office, British Colonial Office, Victoria & Albert Museum, Royal Archives
  • British Journal of Photography & Annual, 1854-1914
  • Early Rare Photographic Books from the Northwestern Museum of Science & Industry Collection
  • Albums from David Octavius Hill & Robert Adamson, 1843-1848
  • Japanese Old Photographs in Bakumatsu-Meiji Period

Science, Technology & Medicine: 1780-1925, including:

  • American Medical Periodicals
  • Astronomy & Astrophysics
  • Civil Engineering
  • Color Theory & Practice
  • Electricity & Electromagnetism
  • Evolution & the Origin of Species
  • Mathematics
  • Scientific & Technical Periodicals from the Royal Society of London's Catalogue of Scientific Papers, 1800-1900

Women: Transnational Networks, including:

  • British Birth Control Material at the British Library of Political & Economic Sciences: 1800-1947
  • Diaries of Elizabeth Fry, 1797-1845
  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  • Quaker Women's Diaries: 18th-19th Centuries

Sir Frederick Haldimand: Unpublished Papers and Correspondence, 1758-1784

  • Microfilm F 1032 .H34
  • 115 reels
  • 18-page guide -- Reference F 1032 .H34

Haldimand, Frederick, Sir. 1718-1791.

Canadian & U.S./Florida history. The official and private correspondence and papers of General Sir Frederick Haldimand, Commander of posts at Three Rivers, Pensacola and St. Augustine 1758-1777, Acting Commander in Chief in North America 1773-1774, and Governor of Quebec 1778-1784, from the British Library.

American State Papers (1789-1838) and U.S. Congressional Serial Set (1817+)

  • CIS U.S. Serial Set Index / American State Papers, 1789-1969
  • CIS Index of Congressional Publications & Legislative Histories (1970+)
  • The index for the microfiche is available in ProQuest Congressional
  • Online versions

British Documents on Foreign Affairs: Reports & Papers from the Foreign Office Confidential Print

"The Confidential Print comprises diplomatic dispatches and other is important to note that British diplomats used a wide variety of contemporary sources—newspapers, speeches, government documents, political pamphlets and manifestos, economic statistics, census reports, personal interviews, and formal and informal discussions with the leaders of their host countries—as the factual bases for their dispatches and reports. These sources were not only used and quoted but were frequently translated and included as addenda in the Confidential Print."

Information about other series not available at UCF.

Papers of Queen Victoria on Foreign Affairs, Part 4, Portugal & Spain (1841-1900)

  • Microfilm DA 550 .V5 1990
  • 10 reels
  • 66-page guide -- Reference DA 550 .V5 1990

Papers of Queen Victoria on Foreign Affairs, Part 5, France & Belgium (1848-1900)

  • Microfilm DA 550 .V5 1990
  • 12 reels
  • 87-page guide -- Reference DA 550 .V5 1990

Radical Periodicals of Great Britain (1849-1914)

  • Microfilm HN 400 .R3 R37 1970 -- Period I
  • Microfilm HN 400 .R3 R3 1970 -- Period II
  • 1,138 fiche & 46 reels
  • No guide is available

"Protest Literature of the Industrial Revolution, 1794-1881, includes publications of Jacobins and other republicans, Owenite cooperators, and Chartists who helped stimulate the growth of class consciousness and the development of trade union power in 19th-century England. Marxism and the Machine Age, 1867-1914, covers the varieties of Marxist, socialist, anarchist, and syndicalist ideologies behind the development of the British Labour Party to the eve of World War I."

Period I:

  • [Pt. 1.] Reynold's Political instructor, no. 1-27, 1849-1850
  • [Pt. 2.] Working man: weekly record of social and industrial progress, 1866. Series 1/1-26, series 2/1-25
  • [Pt. 3.] People's paper; Champion of political justice and universal right. No. 1-34, May-Dec, 1852
  • [Pt. 4.] Diplomatic review. Vols. 1-6, Oct. 1855 - Dec. 1858.

Period II:

  • [Pt. 1.] Social economist: industrial partnerships' record and cooperative review. Vols. 1-3, 1867-1869
  • [Pt. 2.] International herald (International Working Men's Association. British Section) No. 1-81, 1872-1873
  • [Pt. 3.] Labour standard : an organ of industry. Vols. 1-5
  • [Pt. 4.] Progress: a monthly magazine of advanced thought. Vols. 1-7, 1883-1887
  • [Pt. 5.] Our Corner. Vols. 1-12, 1883-1888
  • [Pt. 6.] Today: the monthly magazine of scientific socialism. Series 2: v. 1-11, 1883-1889
  • [Pt. 7.] Labour world: a journal devoted to the interests of all who toil. Series 1: v. 1-6/no.9. Series 2: v. 1-2, 1884-1891
  • [Pt. 8.] Commonweal: organ fo the Socialist League. Series 2: v. 1-2, 1885-1894
  • [Pt. 9.] Labour elector: the organ of practical socialism. Series 1: no. 1-9. Series 2: v. 1-5, 1888-1894
  • [Pt. 10.] International review. No. 1-3, 1889
  • [Pt. 11.] Liberty: a journal of anarchist communism. Vols. 1-3/no. 12, 1894-1896
  • [Pt. 12.] Social democrat: a monthly socialist review. Vols. 1-15 1897-1911
  • [Pt. 13.] Voice of labour: a weekly periodical for those who work and think. No. 1-36, 1907
  • [Pt. 14.] S.D.P. news: a monthly journal of internal affairs for members of the Social Democrats Party. Vols. 1-2, 1910-1911
  • [Pt. 15.] Worker. No. 1- 23, 1910-1912
  • [Pt. 16.] Herald of revolt: organ of the Coming social revolution. Vols. 1-4/no. 5, 1910- 1914
  • [Pt. 17.] British socialist. Vols. 1-2, 1912-1913
  • [Pt. 18.] Joutnal of internal affairs for members of the British Socialist Party. Series 1: no. 1-11. Series 2: no. 1-12, 1912-1916

Foreign Relations of the United States (1861+)

Van Sickle Leftist Pamphlet Collection (1900-1993)

  • Special Collections -- Rare HX 15 .V35 no....
  • Finding Aid

An assemblage of political pamphlets on socialism & communism. Many of the titles may be unique to UCF.

Search the UCF library catalog by series title "van sickle leftist" or by individual titles to identify unique call numbers.

The Spanish Civil War Collection (1902-1981)

  • Microfilm DP 269 .A1718 1987
  • 57 reels
  • 686-page guide -- Reference DP 269 .A1718 1987

2,225 numbered items from the Herbert Rutledge Southworth pamphlet collection, providing primary materials documenting the Spanish Republican period (1931-1939), the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), and the post-War era of Franco's rule (1939-1975). The collection's greatest strengths are the Civil War itself and the immediate post-War years of the 1940s.

Records of the Department of State Relating to Internal Affairs of Turkey (1910-1949)

  • 1910-1929, reels 87-88 -- Microfilm E 183.8 .T8 R436 1961
    (reels 78-86 damaged & discarded, Sep 2014)
  • 1930-1944, reels 1-36 -- Microfilm DR 590 .R44 1982
  • 1945-1949, reels 1-8 -- Microfilm DR 590 .R447 1983

U.S. Military Intelligence Reports : Surveillance of Radicals in the United States, 1917-1941

  • Microfilm HN 90 .R3 U5
  • 34 reels
  • 55-page guide -- Reference HN 90 .R3 U5

"Along with extensive data on radical activities, these records contain a wealth of detail on newly arrived immigrants (one of military intelligence’s favorite targets in the early years covered by the collection). Furthermore, the documents provide valuable inside information on the way in which antisubversive policies were planned and executed at high levels of the federal government, by regional military commanders, and by local authorities. The most copious records in the collection are those covering the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). Also well covered in the collection is the incipient American Communist movement. Hardly neglected are various anarchist, socialist, social democratic, and civil libertarian groups whose activities caused concern among military intelligence officers."

Paris. Peace Conference, 1919. Select Reports of the American Commission to Negotiate Peace

  • Microfilm D 647 .U6 P3
  • 8 reels
  • 8-page guide -- Reference D 647 .U6 P3

Confidential U.S. State Department Central Files, Spain, Internal & Foreign Affairs (1930-1939)

Records of the Department of State Relating to Political Relations between the United States and Turkey (1930-1944)

  • Microfilm E 183.8 .T8 R436 1982
  • 2 reels
  • no guide

Leni Riefenstahl's 'Triumph of the Will' (1934)

  • Microfilm DD 253.25 .L5
  • 1 reel
  • 8-page guide -- Reference DD 253.25 .L5

On the production of "the greatest propaganda film ever made." Records the Nazi Party Congress at Nurnberg in September, 1934.

The German Army High Command, 1938-1945

  • Microfilm D 757.1 .G47
  • 4 reels
  • index on reel 1
  • 8-page guide -- Reference D 757.1 .G47

"A definitive study of the German Army High Command before and during World War II prepared by a group of former German generals and their staffs under the guidance of the U .S. Army, Historical Division. In individual reports, the generals disclose their roles in the war, from secret mobilization plans of 1938 to Blitzkrieg strikes into Eastern Europe and from internal power struggles with the Wehrmacht High Command to tactical problems caused by Hitler's assumption of military control. All reports have been translated into English."

Historic Government Publications from World War II: A Digital Library (1941-1946)

Confidential U.S. State Department Central Files, France, Internal & Foreign Affairs (1945-1954)

  • Microfilm DC 398 .C6...
  • Microfilm DC 404 .C6...
  • 102 reels
  • 4-volume guides
    • 1945-1949 Internal Affairs
    • 1950-1954 Internal Affairs
      • pt 1 guide
      • pt 2 guide (UCF does not have 1950-1954 pt 2)
    • 1945-1949 Foreign Affairs guide
    • 1950-1954 Foreign Affairs guide
    • 1955-1959 Foreign Affairs guide (UCF does not have 1955-1959)

Confidential U.S. State Department Central Files, Palestine & Israel, Internal & Foreign Affairs (1945-1954)

  • Microfilm DS 126.4 .L32
  • Microfilm DS 126.5 .L32...
  • 55 reels
  • 2 volume guides
  • (missing reel 10 of 1950-1954 internal affairs)
  • online guides [UCF only has microfilm for internal & foreign affairs, 1945-1954]
    • Internal & Foreign Affairs, 1945-1949 - guide
    • Internal Affairs
    • Foreign Affairs
    • Internal & Foreign Affairs, 1960-January 1963 - guide
    • subject-numeric files
      • 1963-1966, part 1 - political, governmental, & national defense affairs - guide
      • 1967-1969, part 1 - guide
    • Palestine: United Nations activities, 1945-1949 - guide

A Study of Strategic Lessons Learned in Vietnam, 1945-1975

  • Microfilm D 557.7 .S783 1991
  • 3 reels
  • 10-page guide -- Reference D 557.7 .S783 1991
  • Vol. 1 - The Enemy
  • Vol. 2 - South Vietnam
  • Vol. 3 - U.S. foreign policy and Vietnam, 1945-1975
  • Vol. 4 - U.S. domestic factors influencing Vietnam war policy making
  • Vol. 5 - Planning the war
  • Vol. 6 - Conduct of the war
  • Vol. 7 - The soldier
  • Vol. 8 - Results of the war
  • Vol. 9 - Omnibus executive summary