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Statistics, Demographics and Census: American Housing Survey

American Housing Survey

"The American Housing Survey (AHS) collects data on the Nation's housing, including apartments, single-family homes, mobile homes, vacant housing units, household characteristics, income, housing and neighborhood quality, housing costs, equipment and fuels, size of housing unit, and recent movers. National data are collected in odd numbered years, and data for each of 47 selected Metropolitan Areas are collected currently about every six years. The national sample covers an average 55,000 housing units. Each metropolitan area sample covers 4,100 or more housing units. The AHS returns to the same housing units year after year to gather data; therefore, this survey is ideal for analyzing the flow of households through housing."

Florida Metropolitan Area Coverage

Year Miami-Ft. Lauderdale Orlando Tampa-St. Petersburg
2015 2015    
2013 2013 2013 2013
2007 2007   2007
2002 2002    
1998     1998
1995 1995    
1993     1993
1990 1990    
1989     1989
1986 1986    
1985     1985
1983 1983 (Miami only)    
1981   1981  
1979 1979 (Miami only)    
1977   1977  
1975 1975 (Miami only)    
1974   1974