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UCF Dissertations & Theses

See also the UCF Library's Theses & Dissertations Research Guide and the UCF College of Graduate Studies Thesis & Dissertation gateway.

Some of the UCF dissertations and theses available include:

Other UCF Student Writings

Mental Health Risks among the Adult Male Homosexual Population by Nida Merchant, Undergraduate Honors Thesis, Nursing, 2008
General Collection LD 1772.F96 T45 2008 no.14

Queering Canterbury by Jennifer R. Farmer, Undergraduate Honors Thesis, English, 2008
General Collection LD 1772.F96 T45 2008 no.244

Female Same-Sex Sexual Desires: Evolutionary Perspective by Heather M. Rackin, Undergraduate Honors Thesis, Anthropology, 2006
General Collection LD 1772.F96 T45 2006 no.108

Between the Lines: Depictions of Transgender Victims in News Print Media by Ethan M. Kennedy, Undergraduate Honors Thesis, Sociology, 2006
General Collection LD 1772.F96 T45 2006 no.112

Searching for a Place to Belong: Androgyny in a Gender Binary Society by Mailyn Chen, Undergraduate Honors Thesis, Psychology, 2005
General Collection LD 1772.F96 T45 2005 no.6

Opposing Conceptions of Freedom in America: A Historical & Contemporary Investigation by Colin McRee Moore, Undergraduate Honors Thesis, Philosophy, 2004
General Collection LD 1772.F96 T45 2004 no.199

Other Dissertations & Theses

The following list provides a sample of the dissertations and theses available online through Dissertations & Theses: Full Text

The Interrelatedness of Homosexual Identity Development & Perceptions of Campus Climate for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transgender Students at the University of South Florida, Tampa Campus by Frederic Drury Baker, Ed.D., University of South Florida, 2008

Bourbon, Pork Chops, & Red Peppers: Political Immorality in Florida, 1945-1968 by Seth A. Weitz, Ph.D., Florida State University, 2007

Constructing the Moral Landscape through Antidiscrimination Law: Discourse, Debate, & Dialogue of Sexual Citizenship in Three Florida Communities by Thomas E. Chapman, Ph.D., Florida State University, 2007

The Effects of Homophobia, Legislation, & Local Policies on Heterosexual Pupil Services Professionals' Likelihood of Incorporating Gay-affirming Behaviors in Their Professional Work with Sexual Minority Youths in Public Schools by Lance Santoro Smith, Ph.D., University of South Florida, 2007

Negotiating Curricular Boundaries & Sexual Orientation: The Lived Experiences of Gay Secondary Teachers in West Central Florida by James B. Mayo, Jr., Ph.D., University of South Florida, 2005

Homophobia: A Study of the Relationship of Religious Attitudes & Experiences, Ethnicity, & Gender to a Homophobic Belief System by Samuel Sanabria, Ph.D., University of Florida, 2002

Visibility & Silence: Cuban-American Gay Male Culture in Miami by Susana Pena, Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara, 2002

A Study of the Correlation between the Coming-out Process & the First Long-term Homosexual Relationship between Gay Males by Linda Carole Eaton, Ed.D., University of Sarasota, 2000

Anticommunism & the Politics of Sex & Race in Florida, 1954-1965 by Stacy Lorraine Braukman, Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1999

Without Women: Masculinities, Gay Male Sexual Culture & Sexual Behaviors in Miami, Florida by Steven Peter Kurtz, Ph.D., Florida International University, 1999

Valued Occupational Roles & Life Satisfaction among South Florida HIV-infected & Non-infected Homosexual Males: An Exploratory Study by Kenneth Morton Byers, M.S., Florida International University, 1997

The Impact of Internalized Homophobia on the Satisfaction Levels in Gay Male Relationships by Joseph Lawrence Romance, Ph.D., Barry University School of Social Work, 1987

Cohabitation Relationships among Homosexual Male & Female Couples by Betsy Pogue Christianson, Ph.D., Florida State University, 1983

The following non-UCF dissertations are available in the UCF Library:

Breast Self-Examination, the Health Belief Model & Sexual Orientation in Women by Lyndall Alice Ellingson, Ph.D., Indiana University, 1996
Microfiche RC 280.B8 E44

 An Examination of Leisure in the Lives of Old Lesbians from an Ecological Perspective by Sharon Ann Jacobson, Ed.D., University of Georgia, 1996
Microfiche GV 14.45.J33

Leisure Behavior of Lesbians in Relation to Alcohol Consumption by Linda Karen Lute, M.S., Pennsylvania State University, 1992
Microfiche GV 183.L8

McCarthyism in Florida: Charley Johns & the Florida Legislative Investigation Committee, July 1956 to July 1965 by Bonnie Stark, M.A., University of South Florida, 1985

Heterosexuals' Attitudes Toward Lesbianism & Male Homosexuality as Related to Their Affective Orientation Toward Sexuality & Sex Guilt by Bernadette Fung Yee, M.S., Purdue University, 1982
Microfiche BF 692.2.Y42

Parent-Son Compatibility: a Study of the Relationship Between Interpersonal Relations Orientations & the Development of Male Homosexuality by Karen R. Nash, M.Ed., Memphis State University, 1973
Microfiche HQ 76.N35