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Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Resources

Journals and Magazines

The Advocate
Online version (1997+)
General Collection HQ 76.8.U5 A63 (July 2003+)
Microfilm HQ 76.8.U5 A63 (1994-June 2003)
Indexed (1970-1976, 1983+)
publication website

Annual Review of Sex Research
Online version (1996+)

Blithe House Quarterly: A Site for Gay Short Fiction
Online version (1997-2007)

Columbia Journal of Gender & Law
Online version (1991+)

Contemporary Sexuality
Online version (2000+)

Culture, Health & Sexuality
Online verison (1999+)

Online version (1999+)
publication website

Destination>>Equality / Newsletter (International Lesbian & Gay Association-Europe)
Online version (2001+)

Gay & Lesbian Issues & Psychology Review
Online version (2007+)
publication website (issues available 2005+)

The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide
Online version (1980+)
publication website

GCN: Gay Community News: The National Queer Progressive Quarterly
Online version (1980-1984, 1986-1999)

Gender Issues
Online version (1990+)

Online version (2000-2002)

GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian & Gay Studies
Online version (2000+)
General HQ 75.15.G57 (1999-2004)

ILGA Euroletter (International Lesbian & Gay Association-Europe)
Online version (1995+)

In the Family: A Magazine for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals & Their Relations
Online version (1995-2005)

International Journal of Sexuality & Gender Studies
Online version (1997-2002)

International Journal of Transgenderism
Online version (1997-2002)

Journal of Gay & Lesbian Psychotherapy
Online version (1989+)

Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services: Issues in Practice, Policy & Research
Online version (1995+)
General Collection HV 1449.J68 (1995-1998, 1999+)
Microfilm HV 1449.J68 (1994-1995)

Journal of Homosexuality
Online version (1994+)
General Collection HQ 75.J68 (1974+)
Indexed (1974+)

Journal of Lesbian Studies
Online version (1997+)

Journal of Sex Research
Online version (1975+)
General Collection HQ 5.J6 (1965+)

Journal of the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association
Online version (1997-2002)

Journal of the History of Sexuality
Online version (1990+)

Lambda Book Report: A Contemporary Review of Gay & Lesbian Literature
Online version (1990+)

Law & Sexuality: A Review of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Legal Issues
Online version (1996+)

Lesbian News
Online version (1996+)

Lesbian Review of Books
Online version (1994-2003)

Lodestar Quarterly: An Online Journal of the Finest Gay, Lesbian & Queer Literature
Online version (1996-2002)

National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law
Online version (1995-1998)

Off Our Backs
Online version (1970+)

OurStories: Newsletter of the Gay & Lesbian Historical Society of Northern California
Online version (Spring 2006-Fall 2006)

Online version (May 2006+)
publication website

The Out Traveler
Online version (Summer 2006+)
publication website

Sexuality & Culture
Online version (2000+)

Transgender Tapestry: The Journal of the International Foundation for Gender Education
Online version (Fall 2005+)

Trikone Magazine
Online version (1997+)

Washington Blade: The Gay & Lesbian News Source of Record
Online version (2005+)

Whosoever: An Online Magazine for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Christians
Online version (1996+)

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Sexuality, Gender & Gay/Lesbian Studies Electronic Journals (Florida Atlantic University) - most of the journals are also available through the UCF Libraries' subscriptions.