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The Johns Committee, 1956-1965

In 1956 the State Legislature created the Florida Legislative Investigation Committee "to make as complete an investigation as time permits of all organizations whose principles or activities include a course of conduct on the part of any person or group which would constitute violence, or a violation of the laws of the state, or would be inimical to the well being and orderly pursuit of their personal and business activities by the majority of the citizens of this state." (Laws of Florida, 1956, Chapter 31498)

The committee was renewed in subsequent sessions (Laws of Florida, Chapters 57-125, 59-207, 61-62, and 63-545) and produced reports for the legislative sessions of 1959, 1961, 1963 and 1965.

In 1958 the committee turned its attention to looking for communists and homosexuals at Florida's universities. The 1961 legislation specifically expanded the charge to the committee to investigate "the extent of infiltration into agencies supported by state funds by practicing homosexuals...."