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Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Resources

Resources Which Present Two or More Contrasting Sides

NOTE: Many of the books, encyclopedias, and journals listed elsewhere on this site include multiple viewpoints on various issues of homosexuality. The resources listed below are specifically focused on providing two or more contrasting sides.

  • LGBT Rights (2016)
  • Transgender Rights (2015)
  • Gay Rights (2015)
  • Gay Rights (2014)
  • Gay Marriage (2013)
  • Gay Marriage Showdowns (2012)
  • Gays in the Military (2010)
  • Transgender Issues (2006)
  • Gays on Campus (2004)
  • Gay Marriage (2003)
  • Gay Rights Update (2000)
  • Adoption Controversies (1999)
  • New Military Culture (1996)
  • Gay Rights (1993)
  • Domestic Partners (1992)
  • Gay Politics (1984)
  • The Rights Revolution (1978)
  • Transsexualism (1977)
  • Homosexual Legal Rights (1974)
  • Homosexuality: Morals & Security (1963)

The Homosexual Agenda

The resources listed below are generally identified as opposing homosexuality and gay rights.

Other resources with views opposing homosexuality and gay rights can usually be found by searching for the phrase "homosexual agenda" in general periodical databases and on the Internet via Yahoo, Google, etc.

Other Resources