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SimplyAnalytics: Download Limits

provides descriptions of data available in the database formerly known as SimplyMap

Download Limits per User (Weekly & Annual)

The download limits set by SimplyMap are set for each individual user's account within our institutional subscription. The amount of data downloaded by one user has no impact on what is available to another user. There are no aggregate limits applied to our entire institutional subscription.

Dataset Weekly Limit Annual Limit
Ancestry 524,288 cells 5,242,880 cells
CEX (each year separate) 524,288 cells 5,242,880 cells
Census (each year separate) 524,288 cells 5,242,880 cells
Business Counts 524,288 cells 5,242,880 cells
Other (Market Segments, Quality of Life, Consumer Price Index, Retail Sales, Uniform Crime Report, Sales Potential) 524,288 cells 5,242,880 cells
Health Data 524,288 cells 5,242,880 cells
Nielsen PRIZM Data 524,288 cells 5,242,880 cells
SimmonsLOCAL Data 524,288 cells 5,242,880 cells
D&B Company Data 5,000 data points per single report
15,000 data points weekly
50,000 data points

The download limits are 2mb weekly and 20mb annually, per dataset per user. Based on 4 bytes per exported cell:

2mb = 2048kb = 2,097,152 bytes

2,097,152 bytes / 4 bytes per cell = 524,288 cells