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SimplyAnalytics: Quality of Life

provides descriptions of data available in the database formerly known as SimplyMap


  • Murder Index
  • Forcible Rape Index
  • Forcible Robbery Index
  • Aggravated Assault Index
  • Burglary Index
  • Larceny Index
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Index
  • EASI Total Crime Index


  • Earthquake Movements (Land Movement Probability) Index
  • Annual Maximum Average Temperature
  • Annual Minimum Average Temperature
  • Annual Average Temperature
  • Annual Heating Degree Days
  • Annual Cooling Degree Days
  • Percent of Possible Sunshine
  • Mean Sky Cover
  • Mean Number of Days Clear
  • Mean Number of Days Rain
  • Mean Number of Days Snow
  • Average Annual Precipitation
  • Average Annual Snowfall
  • EASI Weather Index
  • EASI Quality of Life Index