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SimplyAnalytics: Census Data

provides descriptions of data available in the database formerly known as SimplyMap

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U.S. Demographic Maps, Census 1790-2010 -- "over 15,000 demographic and socio-economic maps of the United States between 1790 and 2010"

U.S. Religion Maps

  • Religion 2009 & 2010 -- "Infogroup provides the most complete and accurate database of churches and religious associated businesses with approximately 350,000 houses of worship."
  • Religion 1980-2010 -- "Based on the Religious Congregations and Membership Study (RCMS), this is the most complete census available on religion in the United States."
  • Churches by Faith, 1850-1870 -- included in Decennial Census counts

SimplyMap Census Data

Provides current data about people, households, and housing.

EASI starts with Census Bureau data, but incorporates other sources [2010 Decennial Census, American Community Survey (5 year version), Population Estimates Program, ACS Public Use Microdata Sample, US Postal Service mailable households, etc.] to estimate at the block group level for some data not available from the Census. EASI also provides current year and five year projections.

EASI Estimates & Projections