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SimplyAnalytics: Overview

provides descriptions of data available in the database formerly known as SimplyMap

Nielsen PRIZM Demographics

Nielsen PRIZM Demographics -- see the link for The Nielsen Company - PRIZM™ Segment Narratives for more detailed descriptions.

  • Urbanization Class has eight categories from Urban to Mix.
  • Income Class is divided into seven categories from Wealthy to Low Income.
  • Age Range uses seven non-exclusive classes from Age<35 to Age 65+ and several combinations in between to describe the dominant age range for the heads of household in a segment.
  • Age Class uses four exclusive ranges; from Younger, who are mostly under age 45, to Mature, who are largely over 65 years of age.
  • Household Composition Class -- Five categories indicate the likelihood of children under age 18 living at home.
  • Tenure Class -- Five categories that describe whether the households in a segment primarily own or rent their homes.
  • Education Class -- Educational attainment is placed into five categories that range from attending high school through a post graduate degree.
  • Employment Class -- A broad range of occupational classes are collapsed to six categories: Professional, Management, White Collar Mix, White Collar Service Mix, Blue Collar Service Mix, and Retired.
  • Race & Ethnicity Range were classified using the distribution of racial categories and Hispanic ethnicity into non-exclusive categories.
  • Race & Ethnicity Class were classified into three exclusive categories.
  • Income Producing Assets Class focuses on cash, demand deposits, money markets, stock & mutual funds, and other asset classes that are relatively easy to liquidate.

Nielsen PRIZM Social Groups

Nielsen PRIZM Social Groups -- based on urbanization class and affluence

  • Urban
    • U1 - Urban Uptown
    • U2 - Midtown Mix
    • U3 - Urban Cores
  • Suburban
    • S1 - Elite Suburbs
    • S2 - The Affluentials
    • S3 - Middleburbs
    • S4 - Inner Suburbs
  • Second City
    • C1 - Second City Society
    • C2 - City Centers
    • C3 - Micro-City Blues
  • Town & Country
    • T1 - Landed Gentry
    • T2 - Country Comfort
    • T3 - Middle America
    • T4 - Rustic Living

Nielsen PRIZM Lifestage Groups

Nielsen PRIZM Lifestage Groups -- based on affluence, householder age, and presence of children at home

  • Younger Years
    • Y1 - Midlife Success
    • Y2 - Young Achievers
    • Y3 - Striving Singles
  • Family Life
    • F1 - Accumulated Wealth
    • F2 - Young Accumulators
    • F3 - Mainstream Families
    • F4 - Sustaining Families
  • Mature Years
    • M1 - Affluent Empty Nests
    • M2 - Conservative Classics
    • M3 - Cautious Couples
    • M4 - Sustaining Seniors

Nielsen PRIZM Segment Narratives

Nielsen PRIZM Social Groups

Nielsen PRIZM Lifestage Groups