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Award Winning and Notable Children's Books PreK - 8

Award books for early books thru mid grade

Award and Honors books in the Curriculum Materials Center (CMC)

Listed on the pages following this are lists of awards, honor books and notable book lists that provide the names and descriptions of books for elementary and middle grades, that through committees have been noted as the best of the best. I am hopeful this guide helps you on your journey to finding the best books for your kids, whether you are a parent, mentor or teacher.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at the CMC (407-823-2791), or email your questions to

Searching the Library Catalog

Searching for children's books in the UCF Libraries catalog? Here's some steps to follow to get the most relevant results:

1. Go to the UCF Libraries catalog search.

2. Enter your search terms in the search bar. This can be a topic, an author, the name of an award, or whatever you're looking for. See the below tip for choosing search terms. Click "Search" or press the enter key.

3. Narrow your results to those items in the CMC, using the filter options on the left. Under Library Branch, select UCF CMC. Multiple filters in this section are possible. 

4. Under Library Section/Area on the left hand filters, select which option you want. For picture books select Picture Books. For novels, select Fiction. For nonfiction and graphic novels, select General Collection. If you are not seeing one of these options, that means we do not have any materials in that collection that fit your search terms. Multiple filters in this section are possible. 

5. Once you have narrowed the search to fit your needs, browse the results. Items that are currently available for check out will say Available. Items that are currently being used by another patron will have a due date listed.

Keyword searching tips:

  • Be careful of using terms that are either too specific or too generic. For example "children protesting against racism" will only pull up books that have all of those words in their description. Instead, you could try "race and protest" or "youth political activity." On the other hand, a broad term like "diverse" will not yield many results either. Instead, search for more specific terms like "interracial" or "Latin American" or "transgender."
  • It's ok if your initial search doesn't give you many (or any) relevant results. You may just need to try different search terms. Try synonyms or related terms (i.e. illness vs. disease or coming of age and identity). Think of what words might show up in the summary of a book or what topics (called Subject Headings) might be assigned to it.
  • Once you've found a book that sounds like it might fit what you're looking for (or something that's almost, but not quite, right), open the catalog record by clicking on the title and scroll down to the list of Subjects. You might find more ideas for search terms that you didn't think of.

General Resources

Diversity in Children's books