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Award Winning and Notable Children's Books PreK - 8

Award books for early books thru mid grade

About the Arab American Book Awards

The Arab American Book Awards is a literary program created to honor books written by and about Arab Americans. The program generates greater awareness of Arab American scholarship and writing through an annual award competition and educational outreach.

Winners and honorable mentions may be presented annually in these categories: Adult Non-Fiction – Scholarly/Academic (The Evelyn Shakir Non-Fiction Award), Adult Non-Fiction – Memoir/Creative, Adult Fiction, Poetry (The George Ellenbogen Poetry Award), and Children/Young Adult, Fiction or Non-Fiction. For the purposes of this libguide I am only including the Children Fiction or Non-Fiction book awards.

Arab American Children's Book Award 2022-2020

Arab American Honorable Mentions 2021-2020

No honorable mentions 2021.