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Business Research: CEO Salary

Executive Compensation Resources

Hoover's Online - the People section of a company report provides the salaries & bonuses of senior executives, but does not identify stock options - - which sometimes represent the most significant portion of total compensation.

Executive PayWatch (AFL-CIO) presents data about the salaries, bonuses & perks of the CEOs of major corporations from the perspective of highlighting how much more the chief executives make than the general workforce. NOTE: The total compensation reported in this database includes an estimate of the future value of the stock option grants awarded. Be sure to look at the CEO Fact Sheet for the individual CEO for a more detailed description.

EDGAR Database (U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission) - retrieve the DEF 14A form for a specific company. The Definitive Proxy Statement (DEF) usually contains a Compensation section. NOTE: The stock option grants and estimates of future value may appear in a separate section. The SEC also provides a brief guide regarding Executive Compensation.

SEC Filings - Proxy Statement - LexisNexis Academic provides easy access to the Proxy Statement through the dropdown box on the search form.

What the Boss Makes (1997-2003) and CEO Compensation (current) from

Executive Compensation & Severance (The Riley Guide) provides other useful links.