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Business Research: Rankings

Fortune Rankings

Fortune 500 Companies -- America's 1,000 Largest Corporations -- the list appears in an April issue of Fortune magazine

NOTE: The list uses the previous year's financial data. If it is March 2009 then the "current" Fortune 500 list reflects 2007 performance.

The magazine's website provides the ability to sort the list by rank or alphabetically by company name, and to group the companies by industry or state. Selecting the link for a specific company provides some basic financial data and identifies the ranks of competitors in the same industry.

Global 500 -- The World's 500 Largest Corporations -- the list appears in a July issue of Fortune magazine

Other Rankings from Business & Company Resource Center

Select Business & Company Resource Center from the UCF Library databases.

Search for a company by name or ticker.

Open the company profile from the results list

Select the Rankings tab

Select a rankings list from the results