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Business Research: Create a List

Create a List of Companies Meeting Certain Criteria

Step-by-Step for Creating a Company List Using Nexis Uni

Select Nexis Uni (formerly LexisNexis Academic) from the UCF Library databases.

The search form for "Create a Company List" allows restrictions by multiple criteria

For example, restrict your search by the type of company, e.g., public, private, headquarters, etc.

and/or restrict your search to a specific range of sales/revenue

and/or restrict your search to small or large companies by number of employees

Select a specific industry or industries using the SIC or NAICS number(s)

If you don't know the NAICS Code number for the industry, you can use the NAICS Lookup feature.

NAICS Lookup opens another window for you to identify the NAICS Code of the industry or industries

Use the plus signs to browse through the NAICS Code structure

Selecting the OK button in NAICS Lookup pastes your selection(s) into the search form

You can also search for companies by other descriptive information, but be aware that not all company listings include these items

You can restrict your search to Fortune 500 or Fortune 1000 companies

You can also limit your search geographically

To limit to a specific state you must first select "United States" as the country

You can also limit the search to a specific ZIP or ZIPs

or cover a large local area using the telephone area code(s)

After you've selected the search criteria, select the "Create" button

The Preview screen lets you check to see if you're retrieving the intended type of results

You can customize which details about the companies will be included in the list

You can also change the order in which the list will be sorted

Generate the company list using the "Update" button

You can download the list into Excel -- 3,000 records at a time